A word so overlooked that its meaning gets diluted. We tend to talk about design as it relates to clothing or architecture or graphics, but it’s so much bigger than that. Design precedes the creation of a plan – it’s the intention and purpose behind everything that matters. And it starts with a choice. By design, or by default?

We brought this up in a recent workshop just to remind ourselves why we were in the room that day: to design our leadership. It’s easy to go through the motions in our “busy” culture. And the cold truth is that most of us live by default, whether we realize it, or not. We are constantly relinquishing the driver’s seat to our calendars, our phones, our co-workers, our clients, and our comfort. And then blaming our busy lives as if we have no control over the way things play out.

Leaders! We know you better than that. You are completely capable of taking the reins back on your lives and your careers. You deserve it! And so do your families, companies, and co-workers.

So which is it? Will you choose to lead yourself by design or by default? We know you want to say yes to design. Make the choice and register for our next Leadership by Design workshop – August 22nd in Atlanta.

“I would recommend attending Leadership by Design for anyone who is looking to have more influence and communicate more effectively. I gained a greater understanding of the impact I want to have as a leader and walked away with an actual “blueprint” to help me identify the pitfalls that deter me and the payoffs that drive me to being who I want to be.”

-Brent Batterman – Director of Culture & Partner Integration, Mattress Firm

You can’t miss this. The future workplace needs you.

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