We have all been in a season of life when it feels harder than usual (now, anyone? We can all relate). A lot of times this deals directly with work and it can feel like total defeat considering how much time we spend there. We pour ourselves into teams and tasks, but we can feel numb to our impact and fail to connect the dots to why we started doing this in the first place. It’s all too easy to wonder – “Where did my motivation go?”

Here are FIVE ways to know you need a day for YOU, for a reset and reframe.

1. Your calendar has more control than you do.

This is a sure-fire way to know something is not working. Time management is crucial to achieving goals. When we don’t have this under our control, we become reactive. We lose margin (and maybe our minds too), and this takes our eyes off our vision, our goals, and the impact we are having on others.

2. There is disruption over a work issue or relationship.

The age-old question of “What keeps you awake at night?”. It’s convicting and many of us don’t want to admit it’s work because it feels unhealthy or out of our control. It is all of that, if you are lying awake wrestling with it. You need a reset to gain perspective and insight.

3. You are not meeting goals.

This one stings a little because it can be measurable by others. Not meeting expectations and goals can start to sniff of burn out, and if that is where you are, take a day, grab a coach, and find out how to navigate your hurdles.

4. Either everything feels urgent or nothing does.

Is there anything more unmotivating than this feeling? We have seen clients flux between these two (as have we) – running around with hair on fire or staring at their computer screen with nothing firing up top. There IS a balance…it takes work to find it, and you can.

5. Relationships are feeling the impact.

Our biggest truth-teller is how the people in our lives interact with us. This can be a hard assessment, but let it show you and teach you rather than guilt you. Then, decide to do something different.

This needed “reset” could be a vacation or a day off, but chances are, your problems will be there when you return. What we offer is a workshop FOR YOU! Bring us your work challenges and we’ll send you out with a plan. We’ll dig in with you to what’s working and what’s not working. You’ll have real-time feedback from like-minded peers about your next move. Don’t miss the chance to reset and reclaim your motivation!

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