We had a client a couple of years ago, who came to us solely on the basis of his emails being out of control. He was up every morning at 5am only to respond to emails for two hours before going to the office. He didn’t have strong relationships with his team, was struggling to exceed his goals, and he certainly wasn’t seeing the kind of impact you would expect from 10 hour days. He was busy, but productive and engaged? Not exactly.

Research and client work have consistently shown that busy rarely equals engaged. Which one are you?

ENGAGED!? Whoop whoop!

  • You wake up ready and can’t wait to tackle your day
  • You are intentional with your time blocks and proactive with work and team
  • You are growing and learning new things on a regular basis
  • You know the not-so-obvious things about others you work with


  • You are relieved when a client or friend cancels plans
  • Your day is started anywhere from “a little bit behind” to “why do I even bother?”
  • Your calendar and email drives your very long workday
  • You think in terms of “have to” versus “get to”

We need to reframe our badge of busy. It’s not an indicator of good work, productivity, or engagement. Busy doesn’t mean you are learning or growing. It means you’re stuck in reaction mode. And if we’re getting real, it means that you don’t manage your time very well. Ouch! Great leaders can’t lead from this place, and modeling this for your team is a recipe for disaster. How can you accomplish your goals in burnout? We know you want to get this right.

The first step is truth. Wrestle with the above and be honest about which camp you fall into. Then stay tuned next week as we discover what “engaged” looks like and how to get there.

What is fascinating us this week…
Anyone who ever said they want to be paid to sleep….here’s your chance.

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