Do you know what you look like in a meeting? We ask this question sometimes, not just of our clients, but of ourselves. Consider what comes up for you in this story…

A leadership guru once recalled a story about bringing a business consultant in to work with his company. Sitting in on a team meeting one day, she stopped and asked him to step out so they could talk. “Do you like the project you’re working on in there?” the consultant asked. He responded emphatically, “Absolutely. This is one of my favorite initiatives.” There was a long pause before she said, “Then you need to tell your face that.”

With all of his strengths, excitement and desire to engage his team on growth and innovation, this leader struggled with having the self-awareness to realize how his expressions and body language were actually de-motivating his team. All of this effort and he was having the opposite effect than he intended. Is this true of you? Are you sure?

There is a way to check this…and it does not include bringing a mirror to a meeting (which isn’t necessarily a bad idea).

Get to know yourself. It’s a simple answer, but it also takes some work. Here are a couple of ideas to get you started:

  • Seek feedback. Ask someone you trust for input. How do they experience you in meetings (or on a project)? When leading a meeting, how does your message land? Does it match your intent?
  • Learn your team. Find out what they need in these situations. The data will help you more strategically communicate your ideas and thoughts for maximum impact.

These are all great topics covered in our upcoming Leadership by Design workshops and space is limited! This is a day where you can walk in as one leader and walk out as another. You will experience tools and applications that will leave you energized and motivated. So join us this spring! March 28 and May 16 – Atlanta. Register here.

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